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About Our Coffee

About the Coffee-Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters

About Our Coffee

Our roasts are created from some of the finest beans in the world - Columbian,Sumatra, Mexican, Costa Rican, Panamanian and more.

Our Blends

For our house blends, we carefully mix our beans to insure great, consistent flavor in every batch. Measuring is not enough though, roasting coffee requires the use of all our senses. A part of us goes into every batch we roast.

Our Roasting

The coffees we roast may change from time to time because we buy only the best green beans that we can find. And, since we are relative purists when it comes to our beans, we do not add flavorings in our roasting process. "Don't goof around with the beans" is one of the refrains from our regular customers. We will leave that for you to do if that is the sort of thing you enjoy. We use a Diedrich 30 pound roaster with digital temperature control to ensure consistent quality and repeatability throughout the roasting process. Because we are small and roast only as needed, our coffees are as fresh as they can be.

Our Daily Grind

We grind our coffee daily to ensure the richest, freshest taste for every cup. For those who purchase beans in our Oregon coast shop or on-line, you will be glad to know that we use the best packaging available. The bags have valves created especially for keeping coffee fresh. They let the gases out, but don't let the oxygen in which is very important for keeping coffee fresh. Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters was recently included in "The Best of the Oregon Coast" section of the Sunday Oregonian. We were recommended by readers under 'Food and Spirits'. The Oregonian is quoted as follows: "Nothing like enjoying a cup of Joe in a living room setting, with view of the Siuslaw River."

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