To the owner...

published by permission

I live in Seattle but recently visited Siuslaw Coffee on a warm summer morning. I sat on the back deck after being served a great cup of coffee by friendly staff. By the time I left I had spent nearly two hours at your shop appreciating the place and the scenery while having five different cups of your coffee.

Coming from a city that is a bit arrogant about it's coffee and where the ubiquity of the shops makes the atmosphere of the pour something far from memorable I was refreshed by the wonderful environment and superb site-roasted coffee. Hear, hear. I'm not sure what your background is but I do know that it takes guts to be an entrepreneur or to start any small business - congratulations on taking a risk and having the vision to build what you have in Siuslaw Coffee.

You've created a great shop that serves great coffee -and obviously customers depart with a memorable experience as I can't recall the last time I sought out the owners of a business simply to offer my compliments. You are not Starbucks and that is a great thing.

Well done.
Jeffrey Summerson
Seattle, WA

Jordan Stone